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Why register when you're not going to play?

Every day hundreds of game accounts are trying to be registered on our site. Many of them are trying to be registered violating the rules of our system. These accounts either at once are not allowed to be registered by our system, or are later closed by the administrator. Any attempt to use our site's account on any other purpose than gaming, lead to its closing.

All these measures are being taken with one purpose - to provide our users, that follow the rules of our system, the best conditions for spending their free time on our site.

We remind you our site's rules:
1) It is prohibited to register more than 1 account!
2) If there is no activity in 15 days after the account registration, account will be closed.
3) If during the account registration there was specified an incorrect e-mail address, account will be closed.
4) If during the account registration any automatic registration and/or automatic registration form filling programs were used, account will be closed.
5) If the only purpose of the account registration is placing of sponso red links, account will be closed.
6) If during the account registration any names, and/or pictures of famous people, brands, web-site names were used, account will be closed.
7) If the account owner sends spam messages to other users or posts improper/advertising comments, his account will be closed.

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