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Canary Rescue 
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Canary Rescue
238 plays
Date added: Unknown
Description: Evil zombies from the planet Oozalot have arrived on planet earth. Before they take over the World they first must defend themselves against man's only defence, methane gas. They have discovered that in man's history the canary was used underground to warn of a gas escape. In order to protect themselves they decide to capture all the canaries on earth. Nowadays of course, most of these birds are kept as pets by little old ladies. When the birds start disappearing, Granny Olltwit decides enough is enough and goes in search of the missing creatures. To move Granny use the arrow keys. To make her jump press the Shift key. Eat cabbages to build up Granny's gas level as she has no real weapons except her wits and her rather unpleasant flatulence problem which is lethal to the zombies. To release the gas build up press the F key on your keyboard.
Instructions: To control Granny use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard. To move to the right, press the Right arrow and to move to the left, the Left arrow. To jump press the Shift key on your keyboard, that's the up facing arrows just above the Ctrl keys not the up arrow of the arrow keys or number pad. In the Clouds scene you can climb the ladder on the right of the screen by pressing the Up arrow key.

To release a caged canary simply move over the cage and Granny will burst the door open. Pick up and eat cabbages along the way to build up your gas level shown at the top of the screen. Release the gas by pressing the F key on your keyboard. Zombies that get in the way of released gas will be dematerialised. If you come into contact with a Zombie you will receive a shock and a loss of points. Score points, shown in the top right hand corner of the screen, by eliminating the Zombies (100 points) and releasing canaries (500 Points). If you should ever find that Granny gets stuck between ledges and you cannot move her then press the Escape ESC key on your keyboard to return her to the last safe place she was. If you fall off any platforms during the game you lose a life, shown in the top left corner of the screen. You will start again with a new life where you last fell. Losing all lives ends the game and if you have a high score you will automatically be asked to enter your name for the High Score Table.

Scene 1 - The Cliffs
Here, Granny needs to jump from ledge to ledge releasing canaries and removing Zombies. Some ledges require you to be just before the edge to jump to the next. Some need you to be right at the very edge and some just a little over the edge to make a successful jump. Get to the top of the cliffs and move to the right under the elevator tube to move to the next level.

Scene 2 - The Clouds
In this level the canaries are being sucked up the transportation tube to the Zombies spaceship. Release waiting canaries in the side tubes and jump across the main up tube gap. You will have to remove Zombies along the way. Over to the right of the tubes is a ladder to gain access to the upper tubes. Climb this ladder using the Up arrow key on your keyboard. When you reach the end at the top left of the screen you may receive bonus points. Move under the elevator tube to be transported into the next level.

Scene 3 - The Zombies Spaceship
In this level the canaries are being sucked up the transportation tube and then along into the packing machine. Release waiting canaries on the ledges and move between them to reach the top right of the screen. On the final ledge you can jump to the blue cable above but keep clear of the moving grab as if it touches Granny on its way to the machine, she will be caught and sent through the packaging machine. Fortunately she will be rejected and dropped back into Scene 1, The Cliffs. Once you are on the blue cable move to the left and release gas into the machine's air intake. This will destabilise the machine and eventually should blow it up. You will find that you will have to be grabbed and rejected back to Scene 1, The Cliffs, to come back again and try to knock out the packaging machine. On each visit to the spaceship, the machine will be weaker and ready to blow.
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